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What is CogMed All About?

CogMed functions through training the brain to create new neural pathways. Working Memory Training is an evidence-based, computerized training program designed by leading neuroscientists to improve attention by effectively increasing working memory capacity over a five-week training period (with variations to that protocol). CogMed training is for people who wish to improve their ability to concentrate and are constrained by their working memory, ranging from young children to senior adults. Some have diagnosed attention deficits, some have suffered a brain injury, some feel the deteriorating effects of normal aging, and others find they’re not doing as well as they could academically or professionally, given their intelligence and their efforts.

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What Is Working Memory and Why Is It Important?

Working memory is an essential cognitive function necessary for a wide range of tasks related to attention and focus. It is the ability to keep information in your mind for several seconds, manipulate it, and use it in your thinking. It is central to concentration, problem-solving, and impulse control. Poor working memory is the source of many problems related to attention and is often linked to ADHD and other learning disabilities. However, in the case of users on ADHD medication, CogMed training is a complementary intervention to medication, and should not be used as a replacement to medication.

Do the Results Last?

Yes! Our research and our clinical experience show that the effects of CogMed Training last after training. The reason is that once working memory capacity increases, you naturally continue to use it at its new level, which serves as constant maintenance training. Each CogMed trainee also has access to optional CogMed Extension Training at no extra cost. In our research and in the practical experience of the CogMed practices, 80% of users see measurable improvements. You should schedule a consultation with me to assess your child and ensure that they are a good fit for the program. No intervention works for everyone. 80% is a number we are proud of, but we cannot provide guarantees in any particular case.

What Kind of Research Is Behind CogMed?

CogMed is developed by leading neuroscientists and based on the breakthrough concept that the working memory can be improved through intensive, systematic training. CogMed is dedicated to providing only products that are proven to be effective in rigorous research. There have been numerous studies that show CogMed to be effective and apply the golden standard of clinical research: double-blind placebo-controlled designs. Several of the studies have been published in leading, peer-reviewed scientific journals. The work has been done by CogMed’s founders and by independent teams at leading American and European universities. No other brain training product or attention training method can show this degree of research validation.

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