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Speech Therapy and Digital Solutions

Early Detection is Important

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Specialized Speech-Language Therapy for Children and Adults

Strategies for Success provides specialized speech and language therapy services for everyone from children to adolescents and adults. We enjoy working closely with families and individuals to help them reach their goals. Our individualized therapy programs address all components of speech and language development. We use a variety of therapeutic models depending on the individual’s speech development or impairment issue.

Speech and Language Therapy for Children and Adults

Dynamic treatment is provided trough therapy sessions aimed at developing and increasing language and communication abilities.

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Accent Reduction

Improve your English pronunciation and dialect with expert help from our licensed Speech-Language Pathologists.

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CogMed Digital Speech Therapy

Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based, computerized training program designed by leading neuroscientists to improve attention by effectively increasing working memory capacity over a one week training period.

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Myofunctional Clinic

Orofacial therapy is a program used to correct the proper function of the tongue and facial muscles used at rest and for swallowing.

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Take the Next Step With Strategies for Success, Inc.

Strategies For Success provides free screenings. These screenings will help identify children who may be at risk for language, or speech issues. A free screening is not in place of a formal evaluation, but can be the first step to access if further formal evaluation is needed. Following our initial screenings, we will consult with parents or guardians to determine the appropriate next steps.