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Our son is both gifted and dyslexic, and we had taken him to other speech therapists before we brought him to Nicole. With the other therapists, he had felt bored and disengaged, but Nicole has engaged and challenged him so not only have we seen tangible progress in his speech and confidence in expressing himself, he looks forward to his sessions. Nicole has also given us valuable feedback and tools, allowing us to integrate the work she is doing into our day-to-day communication and activities.

Clifford Thompson, San Jose CA

Nicole Cavalea offered us deep professional knowledge and compassionate understanding when we came to her seeking treatment for the speech difficulties of our three-year-old daughter, Rosy. Our daughter had stopped talking at preschool because her friends and sometimes her teacher could not understand her.

Over the past year, Nicole has guided and equipped our family to help Rosy’s speech become clearer. She offers Rosy fun, engaging therapy sessions that have been extremely effective. Nicole is always encouraging and motivating my whole family to work as a team to support Rosy.

We have seen Rosy’s friendships flourish and her engagement at preschool increase exponentially as a result of working with Nicole. She cares for Rosy’s whole person and not just her speech goals. We cannot adequately express our gratitude to Nicole for guiding Rosy and our family through our speech journey.

Laura Hermann, San Jose CA

Before working with Nicole, I was enduring weekly, bi-weekly and sometimes even tri-weekly migraines. I had pretty much accepted the migraines as a part of my daily life. After living so long with the migraines and trying nearly everything to eradicate them, I was skeptical that anything could possibly make them go away. After working with Nicole I can honestly say the quality of my life has improved beyond my wildest dreams! I no longer have the weekly migraines and my confidence in speaking has improved. In my professional life, I have chosen to go to law school and, because of Nicole, now feel excited about the possibility to speak in a courtroom! Nicole is exceptionally caring, understanding, and never hesitated to listen to my concerns. I now think of her not only as a friend but as someone I was very lucky to go to for help. Thank you Nicole!!!


I can not say enough wonderful things about Nicole & the work she has done with my son!! My 5 year old son has autism & has been in speech therapy with Nicole for the last 2 years. Prior to beginning speech therapy with Nicole, he could only say a handful of words. Since working with Nicole his vocabulary has exploded & he is able to say short phrases & sentences now. I definitely notice a huge difference in his speech especially on the days he has sessions with Nicole. I’m an RN & like to ask a lot of questions of Nicole at times regarding different aspects of speech etc. She definitely knows her stuff & after these conversations I always leave very impressed by her knowledge in this area. My son is also very picky about people, especially therapists, but he absolutely adores Nicole. She is so nurturing towards him & they have made such a special connection. Nicole has also been extremely kind & gracious towards me as well. I am a single mom, & at times have felt overwhelmed with autism or discouraged by my son’s progress. Nicole will let me vent or cry to her without judgement but she also encourages me to keep going. Nicole is amazing at what she does & I will always be so grateful to her for the work she has done with my son.

Katie Los Gatos

Thank you, Nicole! I have indeed noticed big improvements in both boys' working memory! I'm super happy for them and also with the program. Thanks a lot!!

Lucy G

Specialized Speech and Language Therapy