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Stuttering Therapy

It is a difficult decision to decide to take your child to see a speech therapist. A common concern for parents is that therapy will have a negative effect because it will increase your child’s awareness of stuttering. Many parents are also unsure on when a good time to start therapy is or they think the stuttering will eventually go away. Adding to the confusion are the results of studies that children will outgrow their stuttering issue and will no longer need therapy. The facts are that if your child has been stuttering longer than a year, there is a definite likelihood that without speech therapy, your child will continue to stutter.

Speech therapist working with child

Seeking Speech Therapy

Most speech pathologists recommend starting speech therapy for stuttering within 6-12 months of when it is first noticed. One definite conclusion if your child stutters, he or she will benefit from therapy. In many cases, therapy can completely eliminate stuttering. In other cases, speech therapy will help children stutter less, help them develop strategies to make speaking easier and less tense, and make their stuttering less noticeable. Children who receive speech therapy will become more confident due to the fact that their speaking skills have improved.

How to Choose a Speech Therapist

Once you decide that your child might need therapy, how do you choose a qualified speech therapist who is right for your child? The first step is to learn as much as possible about childhood stuttering. The more you know as a parent, the easier it will be for you to interview and converse with a speech therapist. Make sure the therapist is knowledgeable and qualified. It is also very important to make sure your child is comfortable and feels at ease with the therapist.

Nicole Cavalea, the founder of Strategies for Success has worked in the field of communication disorders for over fourteen years. Nicole and her team have extensive experience and training working with children of all ages in the assessment, treatment, and management of speech and language disorders including stuttering.

The speech pathologist at Strategies for Success have extensive training and research to keep up with the newest techniques and technology in the management and treatment of speech disorders and neurological speech and language disorders. Nicole believes in making therapy sessions enjoyable and fun so children look forward to attending them.

Please call Strategies for Success to schedule a free assessment to see if your child needs a speech therapist for stuttering at 408-515-4037.

Specialized Speech and Language Therapy