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Understanding Expressive and Receptive Language Delay

Strategies for Success has an in-depth understanding on how to help children with receptive (ability to understand sentences and words) and expressive language delay (ability to produce speech). When a child has a receptive language delay, they may have difficulty following verbal instructions especially with complex sentences.

Little boy during lesson with his speech therapist. Learning through fun and play

Children With Expressive & Receptive Disorders

Children with expressive language disorders have difficulty expressing themselves. A child may produce incoherent sentences, use incorrect grammar or vocabulary, have false starts, or trail off in their conversations. Children may also have difficulty producing complex levels of thoughts into words and may rely on more simplified messaging.

In some cases, a child may have both receptive and expressive disorders which means they have issues with both speech and understanding. The earlier these signs of developmental issues are diagnosed and treatment is implemented, the better the chance for a child’s overall success. It is common for children with a hearing impairment (ADHD, ADD or ASD) to have language disorders. These disorders may have no reflection on a child’s intelligence. They just have challenge expressing their spoken words.

Get Started with Strategies for Success

At Strategies for Success, we take time to assess and evaluate each child. If a parent chooses to move forward, we work to develop a unique treatment plan specialized for each child’s individualized needs. We have had tremendous success integrating into our treatment for qualified individuals.

Strategies for Success works to make all of our appointments interesting, fun and engaging. We have found quite a few children look forward to their appointments with us. Call us today to book an appointment at 408-515-4037.

Specialized Speech and Language Therapy