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Understanding Intervention for Adult and Language Disorder

Language disorders are brain-based conditions that can develop due to the result of an injury, a stroke, or can be present from birth. These disorders affects the way an individual communicates. When an adult has a language disorder, it can not only affect their personal life, but also impact their career.

therapist and young woman talking

Understanding Expressive Language Disorders

Expressive language disorders impact an individual’s ability to express themselves. These disorders may impact the person’s ability to make appropriate sentences in their conversations. They may have trouble answering direct questions, keeping up with a conversation or have difficultly performing certain tasks. Having one of these disorders can make a person feel isolated or disengaged, and effect the ability to develop relationships.

Receptive Language Disorders

Receptive language disorders in adults can be difficult because the ability to understand words, sentences or tones can be compromised. A person with this disorder may have trouble understanding a joke, or misinterpret a friendly conversation as being rude. A person with a receptive language disorder may also have a hard time keeping up with multi-step verbal instructions. They may also be distracted by a noise or when more than one person is talking. It is possible for them to appear disengaged with people around them.

Seeking Therapy

We have had tremendous success using Cogmed therapy, as well as other speech therapy methods to help adults deal with these conditions. If you or a loved one is having difficulty due to a potential language disorder, call Strategies For Success at 408-515-4037 to schedule an initial consultation.

Specialized Speech and Language Therapy