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Speech Therapy for Accent Modification

No matter where you are from, accents are part of the spoken language. It does not matter what anyone thinks, no accent is intrinsically better than another one. That being said, many accents do interfere with the ability to communicate. Accented speech is a variation of the speech produced by individuals, influenced from geographical area. It is not a speech disorder. Although many times accents serve as a source of pride for people and reflect the background of where an individual is from, accents can impede communication and other issues.  Accent modification is provided in office and through highly convenient Telepractice.

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Here Are a Few Reasons Why Individuals May Want to Seek Speech Therapy for Accent Modification:

  • Difficulty being understood
  • Frequent need to repeat oneself
  • Attention being directed more toward the accent than the message; and/or
  • Listeners’ negative attitudes toward speakers with the accent

Specialized Speech and Language Therapy