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Child and Adult Speech Therapy in Los Gatos, CA

A child or adult may need to go to a speech therapist or properly termed speech language pathologist (SPL) for numerous reasons.  It could be to help with a speech or language disorder or to suppress an accent.

Types of Therapy Provided by Strategies for Success

In addition to traditional therapy, Strategies for Success specializes in three additional types of therapy, Myofunction therapy, Cogmed Therapy, and Telepractice Therapy.

Myofunctional Therapy
Telepractice Therapy
Occupational Therapist Works with a Young Girl in a Modern Clinic

Comprehensive Speech and Language Therapy for Children and Adults

Strategies for success provides specialized speech and language therapy services for children, adolescents and adults. Our individualized therapy programs address all components of speech and language development. These programs may include articulation, phonological development, oral motor weaknesses, fluency, use of language understanding and processing of language, ability to understand and use vocabulary, and grammar.

These disabilities are secondary to the following: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Language and Learning Disabilities, Feeding Disorders, Oral Motor Difficulties, Stuttering, Social Pragmatic Language Challenges, Nonverbal Children, Expressive and Receptive Language Delays and Disorders.

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We Use Today’s Latest Technology in our Therapy

Strategies for Success uses many different approaches and treatments including the use of today’s latest technologies. Our approach to therapy is to customize a plan to each individual’s unique issue, disorder and goal. We customize therapy plans to use today’s latest technology and have seen clear success using CogMed Therapy and Myofuntional Therapy.

Due to the hectic schedules, many of our clients are taking advantage of Telepractice Therapy where they can access therapy sessions online through the guidance of our therapist. Our therapist will advise if this type of therapy can be used in your assessment. Call us today to setup a free assessment with Strategies for Success at 408-515-4037.

Specialized Speech and Language Therapy