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The Strategies for Success Approach

Strategies for Success is a private speech language pathology practice that serves the Los Gatos and San Jose areas. We carefully take the time to separately evaluate each client. Our evaluations provide a friendly and comfortable environment. We are especially mindful when dealing with children to make every visit fun, friendly and playful. After a comprehensive speech and language assessment, we construct an individualized plan of treatment to fit not only the need of the person being evaluated but the entire family.

Little kid drawing a house using colorful crayons with his female, therapist during a meeting in the office

Comprehensive Speech and Language Assessment

The process begins with an intake interview where history and relevant information is gathered. A comprehensive assessment is then conducted to determine the client’s current levels of speech and language ability needs.

Develop and Implement a Treatment Plan

We realize that each one of our clients has different needs. Each treatment plan, we do is customized to help overcome the individual’s area of weakness in speech or language skills. We provide one-on-one support through weekly therapy sessions aimed at developing and increasing the client’s language and communication abilities. This support can be done in person or by telepractice depending on the preference of the client.

Please call Nicole Cavalea at Strategies for success 408-515-4037 to schedule your initial assessment today!

Dynamic Treatment

Dynamic treatment is provided through weekly therapy sessions aimed at developing and increasing the student’s language and communication abilities. When working with children and adolescents, the aim of speech therapy is to improve their language and communication skills and empower the parents on how to carry over strategies for developing language in their natural environment.

Speech therapy is provided to address communication, language and learning disorders, Language and Learning Disabilities, Apraxia of Speech, Feeding Disorders, Oral Motor Difficulties, Stuttering, Social Pragmatic Language Challenges, Nonverbal Adolescents, Expressive and Receptive Language Delays and Disorders.

Specialized Speech and Language Therapy